TigersgateT190 Magic Tail Bag

Tail bag on the go

Backpack with waterproof hard shell

Vertical to release more capacity

Unzip to expand volume up to 35L

On the sissy bar

Allow more space for passenger


Shoulder strap/Installation Strap/Rain Cover


waterproof with PU coated seal, Luggage stays dry in the rain.

Magic Volume Expandsion

This magic helmet bag expands its volume from 24L to 35L simply by unzipping the lower part.

Easy to install

Easy to install with separating zipper and quick release buckle. firmly fixed on your passenger seat using straps in two minutes.


You can easily convert it into a helmet bag, messenger bag, handbag, or backpack with straps.

Security Enhanced Lock

3 digit combination padlock to lock down your helmet bag.


It's faux carbon fiber

The bag expands well while holding its shape without having to unbuckle the straps

Yes. it comes with a small combination lock so zippers can be locked closed.

Yes, it expands to quite a large size to accommodate a full size helmet and it looks good on the back of your bike when folded.

Yes it fits perfectly.

Yes it fits perfectly.

Yes it fits perfectly.

I believe seat bags are those that are mounted under or behind the bike seat and used to carry small emergency items, while tail bags are mounted behind the rider and used to stow bigger stuff liked the rider's helmet or other riding conveniences. My son carries his lunch and water jug in the tail bag I bought for him. Hope this helps. Stay safe.

Yes it has.

We are so confident that you will love using The T180 rear mirror combo that every purchase comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you do not love it after 14 days simply write us an email to [email protected] and a full refund will be issued. No questions, no hassle... but let's be honest. You are going to love them!


Our Customer Reviews

1 Review
a week ago

Convenient So I ve been looking for a while for a bag that can hold my helmet as I go to the store or school. This one works perfectly. I use the straps to hold it on my back and has extra pockets for my gloves. I like that you can shorten the size when you don t have a helmet in there. I believe you can also strap it to the back pillion seat but I haven t tried yet. Overall does what I need it to do. One person found this helpful

2 Reviews
2 weeks ago
Finally a tail bag I can be proud of putting on my bike. This tail bag is large enough to be useful without looking too big on the bike. It was delivered in a box so the bag was able to retain its designed shape. The sides have stiffeners sewn inside of them to retain the proper shape. The hard lid looks good (faux carbon fiber) and adds to the structure and water resistance. The expansion seams are just under the lid so the bag expands well while holding its shape without having to unbuckle the straps. I can expand this bag tall enough to fit my 3/4 helmet into or stuff my armored jacket into. The zippers for the top interlock when closed and it comes with a small combination lock so zippers can be locked closed. I know this is not fool proof but it is a nice feature. Sewn inside the lid there are two zippered bags that are great for holding small items keeping them off the bottom of the bag. Straps buckles and zippers are good quality and should hold up well. I have put 2K miles since installing this bag and it is holding up very well. I would recommend this product to others. One person found this helpful
1 Review
3 weeks ago
Good tail Bag Well made product lots of storage room colors blend well. One person found this helpful
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T190 Tail bag the only helmet bag a rider needs!

From humble beginnings in 1995,Tigers was fascinated by motorcycles ,He started as an apprentice in a factory After graduating from Mechanical Engineering. After five years of work, he became engineer and manager of this factory. Many friends who love motorcycles find tigers to borrow tools because of his talent. Finally in 2014, tigers established his own brand TIGERSGATE with his talent and enthusiasm in motorcycle accessories design.

From beginnings in 2018, TIGERSGATE has grown into one of the industry leaders producing performance parts, accessories, tools (Such as handlebars, handlebar risers, engine tools, sissy bar, engine guard, engine cover, turn signal light, and so on) all aimed at enhancing the Harley riders experience. From our engineering teams to our skilled artisans and machinists, TIGERSGATE employees carry the team. TIGERSGATE currently has over 50 employees and counting, who are talented and committed to providing the best quality parts.

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